A Throne Awaits

by Michael Lindsay

The first novel in the series that describes how the citizens of the United States find a path to economic freedom.
Harvard Stone sets out to take on the World's Bankers and shatter the final bonds of economic SLAVERY.

"An Election Manual for WRITE-IN Candidates, Vol.1" 

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Author's Note

I believe that, when we come to the realization that there are only so many grains of sand left in the hourglass, everyone feels it's time to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. I asked myself, what is it I'm leaving behind that I shouldn't? Answer: unfinished business.

That unfinished business is addressed in A Throne Awaits as protagonist Harvard Stone attempts to right the ship. If I could leave this world with one thing, just one thing, it would be the courage to stand unafraid as an individual, as one.

So here's your chance to wield a powerful weapon for true freedom. I offer you the knowledge that, in a free society which elects its leaders, you may choose to accept or reject any or all candidates. All you need is a pen.

In the next election, every voter who chooses to write in their own name, or that of "Harvard Stone," will have shown the courage to say enough is enough. By not voting for those candidates--none of whom are qualified to serve our best interests--you could force our Congress to choose between the citizenry as a whole (us) and the powerful special interests that funded the media campaigns that got them elected.

Without the special interests' consensus choices in office, their lobbyists would have to force both Parties to pony up or else. Of course, there'd be a slight delay in getting things done in government until those puppets learned how to cut their masters' strings, but "this too shall pass."

There is no reason whatsoever that you and I should continue to be held responsible for debt created by our monetary system. Congress should create only debt-free currency, under the guidance of its citizens. So send a message loud and clear in the next election, and then sit back and watch everyone scurry about trying to carve out a niche. If you truly want real freedom, write in your own name or that of "Harvard Stone" and send Washington a message they'll never forget.

It's time that government fear the voters, not the special interests.

Michael Lindsay